Van der Want Attorneys is running a case in court in Johannesburg against a bank and two major cell phone network operators, where a fraudster managed to sim swap my elderly client’s phone number without her authorisation, then got her bank login details somehow – possibly phished – and used the new sim card in their possession to enter the one time password her bank sent and then transfer a few hundred thousand rand from her account and into a newly opened account at the bank concerned, which was opened by the same fraudster using dodgy documents. We have seen several reports about similar occurrences in the media. Our client’s case is that, while the fraudster is untraceable, the bank which opened an account using fishy documents and then allowed a large amount of money to be transferred to and from the account, and the cell phone companies who allowed a sim swap without authorisation from our client had insufficient protections in place to prevent this. If something similar has happened to you or someone you know, please get them to contact us at to discuss joining our existing action against Absa, Vodacom and Cell C  on a contingency (no-win-no-fee) basis.