Divorce can be an expensive, protracted nightmare. It needn’t be.

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, and if children are involved, have worked out what arrangement will be best for their care and maintenance, and have agreed on what will happen with your property, we can assist quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

We will consult with you, draft the legal paperwork, issue the court papers, have them served by sheriff, and appear in court to finalise the matter.

We offer this service for R8000 plus VAT, inclusive of a consultation, drafting the summons and particulars, drafting the settlement agreement, issuing the court papers, 1 service by sheriff up to R500, getting the Family Advocate’s endorsement of the settlement agreement (if there are children involved), and 1 court appearance. This  applies if at least one of you or your spouse lives in the greater Johannesburg area.

Call 011 483 0956 and ask to speak to our associate, Sershin Pillay or email him at  sershin@vanderwantattorneys.co.za

As always, confidentiality, integrity and professionalism are guaranteed.