Below is some of the work we’ve been doing at van der Want attorneys in the past six months:

Commercial law, mining law and legal-regulatory advice

  • advised an established traditional community in respect of its interests in prospecting rights under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002
  • acted for a major South African construction engineering company in various litigious matters and providing commercial and regulatory advice in various matters
  • Prepared an appeal under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 for a junior BEE mining company whose prospecting right application in the Northern Cape was refused. Prepared replying papers to the DMR’s answering submission. Appeal upheld and client was granted the prospecting right
  • prepared a submission to the advertising regulatory authority for an agency representing a major vehicle manufacturer in respect of complaints made about the manufacturer’s advertising campaign to raise awareness about the hazards of drunk driving. All of the complaints were dismissed
  • advised National Arts Festival, Grahamstown (Makhanda) in respect of various commercial, company secretarial and regulatory issues
  • advised Grahamstown Foundation NPC in relation to various contractual and regulatory issues
  • prepared a legal opinion in respect of regulatory issues around prospecting rights held by an established traditional community in the North West Province and prepared a presentation to present to the relevant regulator
  • advised a participant in Strate in respect of legal issues arising from its securities lending and borrowing operations
  •  advised the local branch of a foreign bank in respect of its South African operations’ contracts
  • advised a multi-national mining company’s South African operation in relation to various commercial contracts and mining regulatory issues
  • advised a mining company in respect of an application by a third party for a prospecting right under the MPRDA where the area applied for overlaps with one of the client’s existing mining right areas
  • advised a water engineering company subcontracted to provide works and services to a contractor in Botswana in an adjudication convened in terms of the JBCC contract and Adjudication Rules
  • advised a State-funded not-for-profit company in relation to contractual issues relating to grants awarded by the client to third parties
  • advised a BEE company in respect of a tender by the City of Johannesburg and advised of procedure to challenge disqualification
  • represented a water engineering company in relation to its claims against a debtor in liquidation and advising on liquidation process generally
  • Acted for and advised the advertising regulator in respect of various commercial and regulatory issues

Commercial litigation

  • acted for a major South African construction engineering company in various litigious matters in the High Court and Magistrate Courts
  • advised a BEE mining contractor in a major commercial arbitration against a major South African mining company’s coal operations
  • acted for a non-profit organisation in litigation against MTN, Vodacom and Absa for allowing an unauthorised SIM port (cell companies) and in respect of the fraudulent opening of a bank account which led to client being defrauded
  • acted as correspondent attorneys for a major Durban law firm in various matters in the High Court, Gauteng Local Division Johannesburg, and in the Randburg Magistrates Court
  • Acted for a Black owned BEE mining contractor in civil litigation instituted against it by a major SA mining company
  • acted for a paint manufacturing company in respect of recovery of a debt owed to it by one of its customers

Family law, divorce, children, minor litigation 

  • Matthew appeared in the High Court for the first time and argued an opposed interlocutory application in the High Court, Pretoria. In her judgment, the Judge made a punitive costs order “de boniis propriis” against Matthew’s opponent – meaning that she thought the attorney behaved so badly as to warrant an order that he must pay the attorney/client costs himself
  • acted for parents of children enrolled in a private school they discovered was not registered as a school. We sued school and its owner for damages on behalf of the parents and the children
  • acted for an individual in an urgent application in the Johannesburg High Court for an order dispensing with the consent of the father of client’s children in order for client to travel overseas with the children
  • represented various parties in divorce proceedings in the Johannesburg High Court, the Johannesburg Regional Court and the Randburg Magistrates Court
  • acted for the respondent in a Children’s Court matter in Pretoria in a dispute over the primary residence of a child.
  • drafted wills and living wills for various clients
  • drafted leases of commercial and residential property for various lessors and advised individuals on landlord / tenant disputes
  • Acted for an individual client in respect of a claim for the Registrar of Deeds to note her co-ownership of a residential property which formed part of the joint estate of client and her spouse but which was only registered in one party’s name
  • acting for a client in an application for the removal of guardianship rights of the biological father of children
  • acted for the mother of three children in a maintenance enquiry and subsequent trial where the father sought to reduce the maintenance he pays for the children

Employment law

  • represented an estate agent in relation to a labour dispute with her employer and acted for her in litigation against the employer
  • advised National Arts Festival Grahamstown and the Grahamstown Foundation NPC on employment and executive employee issues
  • Advised Grocotts Mail (our oldest newspaper, I am told) on employment law issues